By being more resource efficient and utilizing more of the biomass that is harvested, we contribute to the lives of the forest owners and farmers. Rural development is part of Votion’s purpose. The farmers that turn barren land into green forests full of life are the most valued biomass suppliers.

Improving Life

When treetops, branches, bark, straw, and bagasse become valuable raw materials for biorefineries, the farmers, forest owners, and the forest industry will see increased revenues. For Votion, it is strategic to see the suppliers of sustainable biomass as partners. We want to see the world become a greener place.

When procuring raw materials, sustainability affects the biomass value. We will support best practices because we care about nature. The farmer turning dry, barren land into green forests full of life is a good candidate for a biomass supplier.

When the prices of renewable diesel and aviation fuel reach record levels, the price of sustainable biomass should also reach record levels. However, today there is no efficient process to turn solid biomass into renewable diesel and aviation fuel. Votion will create this connection and the farmers, forest owners, and the forest industry will benefit from price increases on logging residues, bark, straw, bagasse, etc.

The people who grow and refine biomass are directly contributing to the increased absorption of carbon dioxide from the air. It is our purpose to reward these people and companies for their efforts. They are the oil producers of the future.

Sustainable biomass will become more valuable as the demand increases. Votion’s contribution is to enable the large-scale use of sustainable biomass such as bark, bagasse, straw, algae, and other residues.