Our vision is to build biorefineries all around the world and the name “Votion” is a combination of our core values – devotion and innovation in motion. We love what we do and want to do as much as possible.

What we believe

The pulp and paper industry has converted biomass to higher value products during the last 100 years and inspires Votion in many ways. The idea is to find inspiration in existing large-scale process units in order to scale quickly and make things happen immediately.

Core values

The idea with Votion is to constantly be innovative while we design and develop biorefineries. Global warming is a major threat to humanity and our way of life, hence the focus on speeding up the global growth of the biorefinery business. To make it happen we have to be passionate, perseverant, and care about each other and nature.

Our core values:

  • Speed – global warming must be reversed before it’s too late, so we’re constantly in motion.
  • Innovation – to remain competitive over time we need to be ingenious, resourceful, and solutions oriented.
  • Devotion – we truly love what we’re doing, we have fun, and we take care of each other and nature.


We simply want to build as many large-scale biorefineries as possible to make this planet greener. Our vision is to own and operate biorefineries in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia by 2050.

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