For Votion, Society is Boss, and we work to satisfy both consumers and industry with our Advanced Biofuels, Sustainable Aviation Fuel, and Biochemicals while fulfilling legislated mandates.

Who we are

We focus on the biorefinery. The Technology Development, Process Design, Engineering, Project Development, Safe Operations, and Feedstock Sourcing are all focused on making the most out of sustainable biomass raw materials. Innovation is essential since technological breakthroughs are still required to generate high value products out of bark, Kraft lignin, hydrolysis lignin, algae, seagrass, straw, bagasse, etc.

412 ppm of carbon dioxide (NASA and NOAA Global Monitoring Lab) in the atmosphere is unsustainable. The world will be warmer every year unless we can stop and reverse global warming. To make it happen, the use of natural gas, oil, and coal must end, and the annual absorption of carbon dioxide must be greater than the release. Therefore, net growth of biomass in the world is equally essential as reducing our dependance of fossil fuels and products.

The way to make this happen is large-scale production of Advanced Biofuels, Sustainable Aviation Fuel, and Biochemicals.

The people who grow biomass and contribute to the increased absorption of carbon dioxide from the air are doing the right thing and should be rewarded for their efforts. Votion is rewarding these farmers and forest owners by adding value to biomass.