Votion awarded financial support from the Swedish Energy Agency

What we do

The feasibility study for Votion’s pilot project is supported by the Swedish Energy Agency. It proves that the large-scale biorefinery projects are of strategic interest, nationally. The pilot project is required, in order to generate data for the large-scale biorefineries. Reducing the dependence on foreign oil and gas, job creation, as well as mitigation of climate change are the main reasons why every nation should consider further promotion of biorefinery projects.

With Votion’s ground-breaking technology the feedstock pool is broadened to include bark, sawdust, bagasse, straw, lignin, corn stover, algae, seagrass, etc. The technology is relatively flexible regarding products also, including renewable methane, naphtha, diesel, jet fuel, and specialty chemicals. The entire value chains will be completely renewable and by adding value to these raw materials it will increase interest in growing more biomass. More biomass on this planet will make the planet greener and the growing plants will absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

This is what Votion is about, making this world greener and healthier.